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Kits : GM - Chevrolet & GMC
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Small, Medium & Large Drill Steps for Nico ProKit.
$39.95 $55.50
Nico ProDrill - Large
Nico ProDrill - Med


We at ProMAXX Tool are working hard to keep the right tools for your job in your hand at an affordable price. This means working hard in the office and on the road. Read all about what we're doing and where we're doing it.

Which Screw Extractor Should I Use?

The exhaust system in your vehicle is one of the most important when it comes to daily performance and safety. <br...

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What to do when almost every bolt hole is compromised?

Multiple bolts broken off... Only one open tap hole... How do you possibly mount your ProPlate when there is on...

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NEW CNC machining capabilities.

ProMAXX is investing in our partnership. ProMAXX tooling is all manufactured and machined in the United States usi...

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