Worth Every Penny!

This tool is an investment in time and money, my tech literally spent half the time as normal. He is smiling and so am I. Can't say enough about the company. What a pleasure to deal with, even got a one on one tutorial for my tech before he used it. Thanks again!

Fred Venis Quality Auto Mart & Service - Batesville, IN

Excellent Customer Service

The tool functioned as it was supposed to. It was still a long process on this particular truck. Every stud fought us tooth and nail. But the five that needed to be drilled and extracted did come out thanks to the Promaxx kit. I will definitely recommend it to anybody struggling with this very common problem in our repair world. Keep up the good work and thanks for going above and beyond by taking my call after your regular hours and getting it out next day ups well after your normal pick up time.

Craig Wilman Craig's Automotive LLC


Jeff, Just wanted to say this tool (Nino Tool) is awesomely fast and easy. The drill bits cut so fast and easy. Have used the tool twice the second time it took longer to get the upper intake off then drill and install insert great tool. Thanks again for making some great tools that save time and make money.

Brian Dull Ford Master Diesel Technician Apple Ford

Rocky 200 Series & ProDrill Tooling Bits

Jeff, These drill plates are the greatest thing. Done many Ford 4.6, 5.4, 6.8 gas engines and 6.0 6.4 diesel. Had you shipping up the plate for the Dodge Ram and the 5 studs in this head came right out. I can not get over how the drill bit drill there the fastest ones I have ever seen. I also use the drill bit on my HO Model Locomotives to install ditch lights and floor light. The locomotive frames are hard and just eats up Home Depot drill bit... The drill bits cut very nice and very clean. Very very important. Keep up the great work

Aaron Mansur Ford Master Technician Scruffy's Auto Repair


Jeff, Just a fyi. Just used that ratchet on exhaust studs we are removing, it's AWESOME!

Bryan Lippincott Matthews Paoli Ford

Rocky 200 Series

I received the "rocky" tool very quickly, then proceeded to watch videos and read instructions. This tool is a beautiful thing, I have a 1999 ford 250 super duty with a v-10. All but three studs on the left side were broken off about 1/4 inch remaining. No problem drilling perfectly straight with this tool, Tool extractors were breaking as fast as I could purchase them. Jeff created a custom kit for a v-10 ford, and approximately three hours later, all studs were removed.[ without damaged threads]. the only small problem was tapping remaining threads out of holes, I just slowed down and took my time and they came right out. This saved me countless hours of valuable time. Thank You for a valuable tool for my collection I will recommend this for anyone repairing exhaust manifolds

John Patt Williamsport, PA

Rocky II

Hi Jeff, Just wanted to tell you and your team for making awesome tools and make the job easier. Had a 6.8l with four broken studs inset about an 1/8 inch. The Rocky II 200 worked great! Three came out with just drilling with the SSSC125 and the fourth one didn't want to move but with the Rocky II 200, I just step up to the next two size bushing and drill out and it is right on the money. Ran the ProMAXX® PPT008 tap in and done! Thanks for an awesome tool!

Brian Dull Senior Master Technician Ford Dealership


Hi Jeff, Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the Rosina kit. I can't believe how precise the plate is. I drilled the broken turbo bolt out and could just about see all the threads! I almost didn't even need to use the tap. The Rosina plate makes drilling very quick and straight forward procedure. Being able to call for great advice is invaluable. You guys make awesome products and provide great service after the purchase.

James Horner Farmington Ford