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Alberto ProKit

Kits : GM - Chevrolet & GMC

Alberto ProKit

GM Duramax Diesel
Part Number: PMXT300PRO

Big engine, no problem. Alberto™ facilitates the quick and easy repair of broken exhaust manifold bolts in the GM Duramax V8 engine.


The ProMAXX© 300 Series Alberto™ ProKit is the latest innovation in fast and easy exhaust manifold repair. Each ProKit includes all the tooling necessary to complete the repair without removing the cylinder head, allowing for the most accurate and efficient repair. Plus, Alberto is designed to be completely extractor-less, leading to unrivaled consistency to your operation. -Bolts to top or bottom for better consistency and perfectly straight drilling -Remove broken studs in 15 minutes or less on average -Eliminate risk of drilling into coolant jackets of cylinder head -Made in the USA

Materials Aluminum
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Contains ProCase (PPCCASE)
ProChuck (PPC250)
ProDrill (SSSC188)
ProFast (PPF010625-150D)
ProKey (PPK250)
ProLube (PPL001)
ProPlate (T300A)
ProTap (PPT008)
Warranty Registration Card (WAR)

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