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Rosina ProKit

Kits : Ford

Rosina ProKit

Ford Int'l Diesel 6.4L Turbo "Y" Pipe
Part Number: PMXS200PRO

A complete solution for a difficult repair. Rosina™ is precision-engineered to provide an easy and hassle-free solution to repair the turbo charger Y-Pipe mounting on the Ford 6.4L Int’l Diesel engine without replacing it!


The ROSINA™ 200 Series facilitates repair of the high-pressure turbocharger where the “Y pipe” connects. The device reduces unnecessary removal and replacement of the turbocharger from the engine. The device is proven to reduce repair times from 3-4 hours to about 40 minutes. This newest device is engineered for the 6.4L Ford Engine manufactured by International, commonly found in 2008-2010 Ford trucks, school buses, motor homes, and cabin-chassis configuration. The design allows for on the truck repairs avoiding costly removal and machine shop repair time and cost.
Key Drivers:
-Save up to 4 hours of shop time
-Increase service ledger profitability
-Repairs the Turbo Charger to better than new condition
-Does not require a Helicoil insert
-Limited Lifetime Warranty
-Made in U.S.A.

How does it work?

Materials Aluminum
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Contains ProBushing (PPB2125)
ProBushing (PPB2188)
ProBushing (PPB2270)
ProBushing (PPB2320)
ProDrill (SSSC270)
ProDrill (SSSC188)
ProFast (PPF008500D)
ProLube (PPL001)
ProPlate (S200A)
ProTap (PPT008)
Warranty Registration Card (WAR)
How much drill lube should I use when drilling out a broken bolt?
Just a few drops. Our ProLube containers were designed to allow technicians to insert their tooling directly into the bottle, providing the perfect amount.

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