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Payton ProKit

Kits : Ford

Payton ProKit

Ford Diesel 6.7L
Part Number: PMXP200PRO

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Repair kit for the Ford Power Stroke 6.7L exhaust manifold mounting bolt repair. Engine top side repair.

Introducing Payton, engineered for the Ford Power Stroke 6.7L diesel engine. Payton is designed as a one plate solution to address the engine top side extraction of broken exhaust manifold mounting bolts. Payton repair tooling incorporates our unique 200 series removable precision and hardened ProBushing for use with a screw extractor, or see our optional tooling for a complete extractor-less repair. Limited lifetime warranty is standard with all ProMAXX ProPlates and extraordinary customer support is always free.

Materials Aluminum
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Contains ProBushing (PPB2125)
ProBushing (PPB2188)
ProDrill (SSSC125)
ProDrill (SSSC188)
ProFast (PPF008500D)
ProLube (PPL001)
ProPlate (P200A)
ProTractor (PPT188)
Unlimited Technical Support (TEC)
User Guide (INS)
Warranty Registration Card (WAR)

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