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Nino ProKit

Kits : Ford

Nino ProKit

Ford 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel EGR
Part Number: PMXN200PRO

Take an 8-hour repair to under 60 minutes! Nino™ provides a much-needed solution for the Power Stroke EGR repair in Ford 6.7L Diesel engines, maximizing shop productivity and providing unmatched productivity and speed!


The Nino™ design provides a rigid mounting of the tool directly into the EGR tube exhaust passage of the Power Stroke 6.7L exhaust manifold. We engineered it to remove one or both mounting bolts simultaneously, right in the vehicle. Drilling under the hood is difficult enough, so we didn’t stop with just alignment. We incorporated precision-hardened and ground guide bearings to facilitate spot-on boring and tapping of the damaged area, e.g., machining the entire titanium alloy fastener(s) completely out. We know the heat these engines deliver, so we delivered one better. We engineered heavy-duty stainless steel inserts that spin in and lock. That’s right! Locking inserts that provide a permanent repair that uses the stock OEM fasteners and that exceed over 40,000 PSI of tension — more than the original fastener itself! So let’s move to a higher level of productivity — FAST, ProMAXX® FAST!

Key drivers:

-Immediate ROI.
-Speed-fast™ bushings for quick and easy repair.
-Heavy-duty stainless steel inserts for a quick and permanent no-hassle repair.

Materials Aluminum
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Contains ProBushing (PPB2125N)
ProBushing (PPB2270N)
ProBushing (PPB2420N)
ProBushing (PPB2485N)
ProDrill (SSSC266)
ProDrill (SSSC420)
ProLube (PPL001)
ProPlate (N200A)
ProSerts (PPS006D)
ProSert Tool (PPSTOL)
Warranty Registration Card (WAR)
How much drill lube should I use when drilling out a broken bolt?
Just a few drops. Our ProLube containers were designed to allow technicians to insert their tooling directly into the bottle, providing the perfect amount.
What makes ProMAXX® different from other suppliers?
ProMAXX® is dedicated to providing solutions that instantly boost productivity and increase speed. We design tools with technicians and shops directly in mind, helping them to improve their operations, improve their productivity, speed & efficiency, and ultimately protect their bottom lines. All of our tools are designed and manufactured in the United States to precise specifications. Plus, we offer unlimited, free technical support 24/7. ProMAXX® is determined to continue to provide solutions for common repair problems and always keep the customer first.


Nino™ DEMO - EASY & FAST EGR Repair Ford Diesel 6.7L

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