What to do when almost every bolt hole is compromised?

Multiple bolts broken off...

Only one open tap hole...

How do you possibly mount your ProPlate when there is only one open hole for the fasteners?
Drop one fastener in the open tap hole and the problem's solved!

Precision CNC turned out of solid stainless steel. A ProMAXX exclusive, the ProPin™ drops in over a recessed broken stud and is machined to match the cylinder head ensuring a perfect alignment.

Perfect alignment, perpendicularity, and precision you expect from us.
Only from ProMAXX®

The 200 Series ProPin Assembly
200 Series Application fits any 200 series ProPlate (check the product #: ex. PMXRII200PRO)

The 300 Series ProPin Assembly
300 Series Application fits any 300 series ProPlate (check the product #: ex. PMXQ300PRO)

Call us today and add it to your ProKit.

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