We Made Removing Wheel Bearings Fast

ProMAXX Tool sets the bar for innovative products that make service operations more productive. Tommy™ is another example of an innovative solution for troublesome repairs. This wheel bearing puller bolts right onto the wheel hub flange, then three unique push rods exert a tremendous amount of force, removing the wheel bearings. Tommy™ is engineered to triangulate and distribute the force necessary to remove the most stubborn, pressed-in wheel bearings, without having to remove the control arm or using a hammer.

“It was obvious that we needed a better solution for pulling wheel bearings”, said Owner and President of ProMAXX Tool, Jeff Del Rossa. “The process has always been extremely time consuming. At ProMAXX, we create innovative products that make service operations more productive. Tommy is our next productive solution and it raises the bar even higher.”

This tool is made from lightweight, high-strength materials which will make it easy to operate, yet strong enough to exert the force needed to pull jammed wheel bearings. ProMAXX Tool is an industry leader in engineering tools that increase automotive repair productivity. Along with the rest of ProMAXX Tool’s productivity increasing solutions, Tommy™ is made proudly in the USA.

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