ProMAXX Tool Bullit ProKit Repairs Almost Any Size Engine

The most accurate adaptable & versatile exhaust manifold repair kit on the market.

ProMAXX® Tool introduced the BULLIT ProKit in August 2019 to deliver a productive repair for broken exhaust manifold mounting bolts in heavy-duty diesel engines. After months of testing, the BULLIT ProKit is now certified to work on almost any engine in any vehicle – simple.

Most recently, the BULLIT ProKit was tested on and successfully repaired a classic 350 (5.7L) cubic inch engine in a Chevy truck. The maneuverability of the plate allows the ProKit to accurately line up against each of the 3/8” thread mounting holes found on these engines, giving the technician the ability to insert drill bushings, drill out the broken stud, then tap out the remaining threads, restoring the threads to factory new.

“This single tool has the broadest set of engine applications on the market by far”, said President and Founder of ProMAXX Tool, Jeff Del Rossa. “Our customers have come to expect high quality and precision engineering in design and function from us. To ensure consistent and reliable results, we engineered BULLIT to precisely adapt to just about any cylinder head by replicating the bolt pattern. Now one tool can dramatically increase productivity to technicians working under the hood of classics or almost any other engine.”

The BULLIT ProKit is sold with 10mm mounting fasteners by default, but additional tooling packs can be added for shops that see a variety of engine sizes come into their service bays. These other engines include but are not limited to the:
283, 305, 427 and 467 Chevy V8
353 Detroit Diesel
302, 352 and 429 Ford V8
This kit is the latest in ProMAXX Tool’s lineup of productivity tools is available for order now – visit, call 724-941-0941 or contact your authorized ProMAXX Tool distributor to learn more.

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