True Story: Easy Out's Aren't So Easy

Shane isn’t a diesel technician. So when he busted a fuel injector hold-down bolt on his F-250, like everyone today, he took to Google and YouTube.
From his findings, he saw that the internet mechanic warriors suggested him with two options to extract the broken bolt:
1. Weld on a nut and extract
2. Pick up an “easy out”, drill and extract

Shane called up a friend that he knew had some experience in work under the hood and had him bring over his MiG welder. They easily welded a nut onto the bolt that was broken off slightly above the surface. When Shane went to turn out the bolt, he experienced every tech’s nightmare; the bolt broke again, and this time below the surface of the head.

From here he resorted to option two, picked up an easy out bolt extractor and began freehand drilling a pilot hole. He hammered in the easy out and began twisting. Yet again, he heard the fatal snap of the easy out giving way and breaking off inside the broken bolt.

Shane and his friend were at a loss. One began searching the internet on the closest shop to machine the head, while the other desperately looked for some other alternative.

That’s when Shane stumbled across the ProMAXX Tool Nico ProKit. With the time to repair being his top priority, he gave us a call and we overnighted a kit from Pittsburgh to Michigan. When he got the ProKit, he applied the Nico ProPlate and began the steps of drilling out the existing mess that resided in the bolt hole. The ProDrill Bits that came in his Nico kit were exactly what he needed to drill through the dense metal in the bolt hole, leftover from the broken extractor. The ProMAXX Nico ProKit allows you to quickly drill and tap out the threads back to the factory standard. In ten minutes the job was complete and Shane was able to bolt down the new fuel injector in his F-250.
Shane had a DIY case on his hands, but he’s not alone – service managers and technicians choose ProMAXX Tool ProKits everyday because they know they don’t have time to mess around. The longer the truck sits in the service bay, more potential profit runs down the drain.

Nico prokit

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